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 We can provide a variety of audio ANC solutions according to the needs of customers, for example, customized solutions for different fields such as tourism, office, and entertainment. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality ANC bluetooth earbuds products and services, and are at the forefront in the field of ANC technology to meet customers' ever-changing needs .

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What We Can Offer?

As a supplier of ANC bluetooth earbuds manufacturing more than 15 years, we can provide the following services:

1. Complete ANC solution design, including hardware and software design, and system optimization.

2. Provide high-quality ANC components and materials, including circuit boards, micro motors, noise reduction chips, audio devices and other related components.

3. Provide ANC system production services, including rapid prototyping, mass production, and quality testing.

4. Provide comprehensive after-sales service, including troubleshooting, after-sales maintenance, and technical support.

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Why Choose Us?

We are an ANC bluetooth earbuds customization factory with professional expertise and experience, reliable quality control, and flexible production modes, capable of providing customers with high-quality and customized services that meet your need.

When you choose our earphone customization factory, you will benefit from:

Unique brand image

-Unique brand image: By customizing your one-of-a-kind earphones, you can showcase your brand image to consumers, thus increasing brand awareness and reputation.

Superior sound quality

-Superior sound quality: Our professional engineers will ensure excellent sound quality performance for your earphones through precise acoustic design and circuit optimization, making your brand more competitive in the market.

Comfortable wearing experience

-Comfortable wearing experience: We will select the most suitable materials and designs to ensure that your earphones are comfortable to wear and do not cause any discomfort to the ears.

Flexible production cycle and volume

-Flexible production cycle and volume: We can arrange flexible production according to your needs, including sample production, small batch production, and large batch production, to ensure that your needs are met.

Professional after-sales service

-Professional after-sales service: We will provide professional after-sales service, including warranty, maintenance, and upgrades, to ensure that your earphones can be used for a long time and perform at their best.

At our earphone customization factory, we are committed to providing you with the best quality service to make your brand more competitive.

ANC Bluetooth Earbuds Customized Steps

With the increasing demand for personalized electronic products, ANC Bluetooth headphones have become a popular choice for those who desire high-quality sound performance and noise-cancelling capabilities. To meet the diverse needs of consumers, the customization of ANC Bluetooth headphones has become a crucial aspect of the industry. In this context, understanding the customization process of ANC Bluetooth headphones is of utmost importance for manufacturers and customers alike.

The customization process of ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) Bluetooth headphones usually involves the following steps:

curve test

Step1-Design phase

First, the designer needs to design Bluetooth headphones that meet the client's requirements for appearance, shape, color, logo, and other elements based on the client's needs and requirements. This phase also needs to consider the design of the Bluetooth headphones' functions, such as ANC noise reduction, sound effects, etc.

welding the battery

Step2-Sample making

After completing the design phase, it is necessary to produce samples that meet the design requirements for the client to confirm whether they are satisfied. If modifications are needed, it is necessary to return to the design phase for improvement until the client confirms the sample.

testing the circuit board

Step3-Production phase

After confirming the sample, it is necessary to begin production. During the production process, quality needs to be strictly controlled to ensure that every pair of Bluetooth headphones meets the client's requirements.

Step4-Testing and quality inspection phase

After production is complete, it is necessary to test and inspect each pair of Bluetooth headphones. Testing mainly checks whether the Bluetooth headphones' various functions are normal, and quality inspection checks whether the appearance and performance meet the standards, ensuring product quality.


Step5-Packaging and shipping phase

After passing testing and quality inspection, it is necessary to package the Bluetooth headphones and ship them through logistics. During the packaging process, it is necessary to design packaging according to the client's requirements, ensuring the product's safe transportation.

In addition to the basic customization process, ANC Bluetooth headphones customization also needs to consider the following aspects:

-Selecting a suitable manufacturer:  Choosing a suitable manufacturer is crucial. Factors to consider include the manufacturer's scale, technical strength, production capacity, quality management level, etc., to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

-Specifying materials and accessories:  In addition to designing appearance and function, it is also necessary to determine the materials and accessories used, including the shell, chip, battery, charger, etc., which will affect product quality and performance.

-Defining after-sales services:  After-sales services are an important part of brand image. It is necessary to define the specific content and standards of after-sales services to protect the client's interests and brand image.

-Determining price and delivery time:  Price and delivery time are also important considerations. Based on product design, production volume, delivery time, etc., reasonable prices and delivery times should be determined to meet the client's needs.

-Possessing professional project management and communication skills:  Customization projects usually involve multiple links and departments' cooperation, requiring professional project management and communication skills to ensure the entire project's smooth progress.

Our Advantages and Difference

As best ANC bluetooth earbuds customization factory,we mainly have the following differences:

1. High-level design and R&D capabilities: We have a high-quality designer and R&D team that can provide customers with customized design solutions, including hardware and software design, and system optimization.

2. Diverse component supply channels: We cooperate with a number of internationally renowned component suppliers to provide high-quality ANC components and materials to ensure the high quality and excellent performance of ANC headphones.

3. Perfect production and quality control system: We have a strict production and quality control system, from raw material procurement, to production process, to product testing and shipment management, to ensure that each ANC headset meets customer requirements and specifications .

4. Perfect after-sales service: We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including troubleshooting, after-sales maintenance, and technical support, to ensure that customers' problems during use are solved in a timely and effective manner. We have been committed to providing customers with high-quality ANC headphones and excellent service, and constantly promote our own development and innovation in the field of ANC technology.

In addition, we have the following advantages:

1. Flexible production mode: We can provide customers with small batch customized production and fast delivery services, which can meet the requirements of customers' urgent needs and improve customer satisfaction. 2. Rich case experience: We have many years of experience in the formulation and production of ANC earphones, and have accumulated rich case experience. We can provide customized solutions for different customer needs.

2. Leading technological innovation: We continue to invest in research and development and technological innovation, and continuously improve the performance and user experience of our ANC products to meet customers' continuously upgrading requirements for ANC headphones.

3. Diversified application scenarios: In addition to the general consumer market, our ANC headsets are also widely used in education, medical care, security and other fields, with diversified application scenarios and strong market competitiveness.

4. Wide customer base: The customer base we serve covers many fields such as electronic consumer brands, industrial manufacturers, educational institutions, medical institutions, etc., and provides customers with a full range of services in the production of ANC headphones.

ANC Bluetooth Earbuds: The Ultimate Guide

ANC bluetooth earbuds is a type of active noise control headphones that can detect ambient noise through built-in microphones and use internal circuitry to process and cancel out these noises through the use of inverse waveforms, thereby achieving noise reduction. Compared to regular headphones, ANC headphones can reduce more ambient noise as they actively remove noise through built-in technology rather than simply isolating noise through earplugs.

ANC Bluetooth Earbuds for Noise Reduction

To a certain extent, ANC bluetooth earbuds can effectively reduce noise interference, especially low-frequency noise such as airplane engines, traffic noise, etc. However, for high-frequency noise, such as human voices and barking dogs, the effect may not be ideal. In addition, the noise reduction effect of ANC headphones also depends on the quality and price of the headphones, with higher-priced ANC headphones usually having better noise reduction effects.

In summary, compared to regular headphones, ANC bluetooth headphones can better reduce ambient noise interference, but cannot completely eliminate noise. If you want to achieve better noise reduction effects when purchasing ANC headphones, you can consider purchasing higher-priced brands and also pay attention to selecting the appropriate headphone style and size to obtain a better wearing experience and noise reduction effect.

Noise Cancellation Types and Settings

Your noise cancelling headphones may work in more ways than one. Pick the setting, mode or noise cancellation type that suits your commute or enhances your relaxation time.

-Passive Noise Cancellation uses well designed ear cups to seal out unwanted noise. This is used for both over-ear headphones and in-ear earphones where the earbud itself will keep surrounding noise out.

-Active Noise Cancellation uses microphones and speakers to reduce background and surrounding noises. This is the most known type and has mostly been used in over-ear headphones. Technology has become so small and battery efficient now that it can be used in true wireless in-ear earphones.

-Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation uses microphones and speakers to automatically adjust to your surroundings. This is the more sophisticated type of ANC where the level of noise cancelling digitally adapts to the surroundings.

-Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation lets you change how much background noise you hear by manually adjusting noise cancellation levels. This is useful when you want to have full control.

-Transparency Mode lets you easily tune back into the world around you, without switching off your music or taking your earphones out of your ears.

-Adjustable Transparency Mode lets you change how much of the outside world you want to pass through, without switching off your music.

-Adjustable Own Voice lets you control how much you would like to hear your own voice during e.g. conference calls while using ANC.

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